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Passion Meets Profession.

A platform where passion meets professionalism to create value mixed with in-depth creativity. A special recipe for social-economic empowerment of the youth looking towards a career in the hospitality industry (food).
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Cook and Travel!
Have you got the required recipe? Do you have what it takes to produce the ultimate aroma? Join the challenge now and sieze the opportunity to become a national champion.
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The background

Student Culinary Challenge is an annual cooking competition organized for youths on/off campus in Nigeria.

Hence, this current proposed edition is a leverage on the previous leanings and success of our earlier experience. Now with the involvement of the 'Association of Professional Chefs of Nigeria', we strive to add more values.

Our aim

To leverage on the passion of Nigerian youths to develop world class culinary entreprenuer chefs through strategic partnership.

The Big Picture
The Big Picture

Tablefo4s Culinary Challenge is a special recipe for social-economic empowerment of the youths with interest in becoming culinary chef entrepreneurs It is positioned as an empowerment tool that transcend beyond ordinary cooking competition.

The Big Picture

Categories of food to be considered are local and continental dishes with creativity.

Project key features

All participants
    Gets free access to online introductory course to culinary skills. Presented by top Nigerian chefs.

    Up to 50% discount to partner culinary schools to study any course of choice.

    Scholarship to study in top culinary schools in Nigeria.

    Access to vital information on; job openings, free trainings, scholarships and mentorship.

    Free gifts from project partners.
    Scholarship for top 5 in every state to study Diploma In Culinary Art Skills.

    Cash prize.

    All-expense paid trip to culinary summits and challenge across the world.

    Automatic membership to Association of professional chefs Nigeria.

    Selection as team members to represent Nigeria in international culinary events.


Student culinary challenge is a Campus-Based Cooking Competition It is designed as a platform where passion turns profession.

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